Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Personal View of Forums

We are surrounded by technology during our everyday lives, and school will use many more in the next few years. At first sight, forums are only group discussions on the internet, they can be about any subjects you want (cars, music, sports ETC). The major reason why forums should be implanted in every school is the help it would bring to students. The community could do a lot more by itself while surfing on the forum because all the ressources would be at their disposition. Forums also have a tremendous impact on peer sharing because it pushes students to develop their abilities to share their opinion about their personal beliefs. It also helps them to write a text with a good language because they can show their credibility through the posts they write.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Students' Behaviour in Computer Lab

Internet is very wide concerning the content it can display on the screens. As a future teacher, my biggest worry is situated on the kind of websites the kids will go on when I'll have to take them in a computer lab. Whatever the content is pornography, gaming, gambling or illegal download, the aspect we should not forget is that all of them are inappropriate in a classroom environment.

School is an environment where kids are expected to learn, so the content of the visited websites should reflect that idea. However, there are always some possibilities that a kid will not respect those rules, and the way that teachers should deal with it is really important. 

In my mind, no one should be humiliated on the public place. This is why a teacher should not talk in front of the whole class about a bad thing a kid just did. I think that there should be a discrete intervention between the teacher and the student. It should also take place in a discussion format because student will feel less embarrassed. 


Friday, February 1, 2008

Open Source Software

I switched from PC to MAC one year ago, and let me tell you that it was one of the best decision in my life. I realized recently that my MAC was one big Open Source. Those kind of software are seen as the future in computer technology because it allows the user to be a part of the programming phase every day. Those software are always improved because the program is always getting rid of the bugs it contains. 
The company who creates some open source software are a lot more respectful to the customer because it will always find a way to satisfy you anywhere, and anytime. You will not have to wait until a     new version comes out because it is constantly being updated.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Technology and Schools

Nowadays, technology has became a part of our daily life. In fact, technology can be used for our personal free time, but it should be considered as a powerful educational tool. However, it should be used in a very cautious way because its limits have not been setted yet. 

The technology can give a lot of interaction to a class, but it is not ready to take the entire control of the education. 

Thursday, January 24, 2008

What it means to me

Hi there everybody ! There is very big passion I want to share with you in that blog. This fascinating hobby is MUSIC ! Be careful, I'm very far from being a talented musician... in fact I don't play music at all. My passion is really around listening to music of many kinds: metal (not a lot but I know many stuff of that kind because it was my favourite kind from Secondary 3 to my second year of Cegep), Prog Rock, Indie Rock. I'm a really big music fan, so that means I have a really huge record collection, and that blog will basically my review page. See you for the first review !